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Turmeric Brightening Facial Scrub


The Turmeric Brightening Facial Scrub is an emulsified scrub specially formulated for skin brightening and to fade dark spots. Exfoliating is key to a softer, smoother even-toned skin. Exfoliating rids the skin of dead skin cells and gives your other skincare products a better chance of trans-epidermal penetration.

Directions for Use: Apply to damp skin, gently scrubbing circular motions. Leave on for 5 mins and then rinse off. To be used once to twice a week.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cane sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt, stearic acid, emulsifying wax, sodium lactate, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, phenonip preservative, proprietary essential oil blend.


Please note that this product will not bleach your skin, it gently fades dark spots and brightens up your skin tone with continued use over a period of time. Best results when paired with the Carro-papaya bar.



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